Alexandra Schuda – Price, Utah

Alexandra Schuda
Price, Utah

It was always my dream to go to a different country, to learn about their life and more about myself. At first I had the plan to spend a year in America as an exchange student at high school, but I could not afford the money and I knew I would not be able to play that much Volleyball like I did in Germany. Then I found out about the opportunity to go to college in the USA with a scholarship. It seemed to be perfect for me. I would be able to live in another country because I was playing Volleyball.

I tried to inform myself on the internet. But it did not give me the answers that I needed. Almost all information was in English and I had problems to understand these. I had no idea what I needed to be able to go to America or how to contact the coaches of the colleges.

One of my friends wanted to do the same as me and gave me the connection to Sandra Brunke. She helped me with all my questions and told me what I had to do. I was never good in English, but for me it was one more reason to do this. It was definitely not easy for Sandra, I had to repeat my English tests and the time was running, but finally she found a Junior College for me in Price (Utah).

So I came to America and I did not really know what to expect from my new life. Would it be hard for me to find friends and how would college life be? But I was excited. And now that I live here for some months I have to say that I really love it. I found a lot of new friends that I do not want to miss anymore. I also like the fact that Volleyball is integrated into my college life. For some it would be really hard to have practice every day and classes before and after that. Here, Volleyball at the college team is a job, but I love it!