Karolin Heinz – Richmond, Virginia

Karolin Heinz
Richmond, Virginia

After finishing High school, I have never thought about going to the US to play volleyball. But during my undergraduate study in Munich the dream came true.

I began to catch up on playing and studying in the US and I realized that it was not easy to go, if you did your undergraduate already.There were periods of ups and downs. People gave me different opinions about my eligibility to play. Some of them said: “You can play” and some said: “You cannot because you studied four years at college already”.

Then, I met Sandra Brunke. She was the first person who was able to explain to me the regulations and rules of the NCAA. She told me what I was hoping for: I could play volleyball in the US for one year. Furthermore, I could do my Master in sports leadership and sports administration in one year. Before I went to the US, I had a lot of paperwork to do. Especially the forms of the NCAA were complicated, but with Sandra’s assistance, I was capable to get all my paperwork done. There were forms to fill out, such as players experience, translations, application for the masters program, medical records from the doctor etc. But – what is true – if you really want to go to the United States, you have the motivation and energy to get the paperwork done.

A week before I left, the entire situation became serious because it was the day, when I hold Visa in my hand. It was an amazing feeling.

Now, a half-year later, I am really happy for this opportunity. Being a transfer student, I played volleyball just one season. It was a great experience; although it was very different from playing volleyball in Germany. During the season, we travelled a lot and I saw many different places. In the spring, I will graduate. It is a great feeling. Before I went to the US, I had no idea that I will have such an opportunity – to do what I love, volleyball, along with getting my master’s degree.

In conclusion, playing in the U.S. is a great opportunity. Besides learning a lot about volleyball game at the college, it is a valuable chance for meeting interesting people, seeing new countries and learning about other cultures. It is a great experience!