Victoria Hinneburg – Lubbock, Texas

Victoria Hinneburg
Lubbock, Texas

When I was fifteen years old I moved to a boarding school for athletes in Dresden and decided to take volleyball to the next level. I had the chance to play the sport on a high level and finish my high school degree. Then I had to ask myself: What am I going to do after high school? I definitely wanted to continue playing sports, but I also knew that I wanted a college degree and further my education.

I heard about VolleyUSA and saw Sandra’s advertisement at tournaments in Germany. I liked the idea of having an agency that helps players receive an athletic scholarship in the United States. After meeting with Sandra and getting to know her, I knew that it was the perfect choice.

Not only is Sandra the head of the agency, but also she is my hero. Without Sandra, I would not have experienced the last four years. After completing the chance evaluation, Sandra and I talked for the first time and discussed the process. The process included completing a player profile and finding a university to match with. This process only took five month. The universities I matched with included Texas Tech, Central Florida, and Colorado State. The factors that drove me to decide included an airport, a hospital, good and warm weather, a competitive volleyball program, and an outstanding educational report. Texas Tech fulfilled all my criteria. After multiple skype calls and e-mails with American coaches I decided to chose Texas Tech University. It was a hard decision, but it felt right and Texas looked like the perfect fit. I liked the campus, the area, the school spirit, and the coaches.

After visiting the campus, I felt at home. The transition to Texas included getting a visa, editing video material, booking flights, taking tests, and filling out documents. Sandra helped me fulfill all of the tasks and responded immediately to my e-mails. After four years Sandra is still by my side and watches every step. To this day, I am thankful for her support and her advice.

As my time runs down, I know now that I chose the right decision. Texas Tech welcomed me with open arms and love. The friendships I made, the lessons I learned, the education I received, and the games I played are priceless. It was not always easy and I struggled a lot at the beginning, but I fought through it and I am going to leave Texas Tech with tears in my eyes because this place became my second home.

This athletic scholarship gave me the opportunity to live abroad and experience an international lifestyle.

I played volleyball in one of the best conferences in the United States, the Big12. I had a great support system with coaches, trainers, teammates, the athletic department and the academic department. All of them helped me tremendously over the last couple of years. I was able to travel the United States and see many different places.

I cannot believe that four years of college are over now, but I know that I had the best time of my life. Not everyone gets the opportunity to experience that and I am more than thankful. I am going to miss Texas Tech, all of my friends, and the nice weather in Texas.

Looking back, Sandra is the best agent in the whole wide world. I could not have done it without her. She was the biggest supporter and believed in me throughout this whole process. Even after I moved overseas she became a true friend and continued to help me in any kind of situation. I trust her and would recommend her to anybody who is trying to play volleyball in the United States. If you want to become a student-athlete, Sandra and her agency is the best way to do so.

My piece of advice from one player to another would be: to not stop believing in yourself. It will be hard from time to time, but it will be worth it. You will never be alone and even if it looks hard at the beginning, it will turn out even better then you can imagine right now.