Apply on time

Requirements for a Volleyball Scholarship in the USA or Canada

Apply on time

Reasons why you should plan your scholarship with plenty of time in advance:

  • Many American and Canadian coaches plan the formation of their teams far in advance and therefore recruit up to 3 or sometimes even 4 years ahead of time.
  • Only a limited number of scholarships (depending on the league, division and budget of the college/university) are available each year.
  • The application process, registration with the NCAA/ NAIA Eligibility Center, visa, etc., takes time and should be well planned. Some academic tests can only be taken on certain dates and locations throughout the year.

So keep it real and don’t say you want to play for UCLA or Hawaii tomorrow ?

Please contact us about 1-4 years BEFORE finishing high school.

In some cases, last minute scholarships become available, but this is generally an exception. If you have already started taking classes at a university somewhere outside the USA/Canada, you still have a chance to get a scholarship.

However you might not be as attractive for American/Canadian coaches as you may lose some years of eligibility.

In addition, different NCAA/NAIA rules apply once you have already graduated from high school when applying and some leagues have age restrictions.


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