General Terms and Conditions

§1 The agency service helps talented and qualified pupils and students organize a volleyball scholarship in the USA that corresponds to the academic and athletic interests of the players.

§2 The agency’s activities include the following:

  • Personal consulting on university education and college sports in the United States
  • Preparation of a professional player profile
  • Submission of the player profile and video to all relevant volleyball coaches in the USA
  • Support in registering for all required tests
  • Registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center (where necessary)
  • Support in completing the application documents
  • Help with the visa application
  • Personal support with any further questions

§3 For his/her own part, the client shall:

  • Truthfully disclose all information relevant to the application
  • Provide a portrait plus one or two volleyball action photos
  • Prepare a current volleyball video
  • Complete and submit all documents required for an application
  • Take any necessary admission tests, e.g. TOEFL/ SAT
  • Register with the NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center (where necessary)
  • Provide ongoing updates of changes in athletic or academic development
  • Maintain contact with VolleyUSA and/or the coaches

We reserve the right to stipulate further conditions in individual agreements.

Sandra Brunke