Isabel Martin – Hillsborough, Florida / Las Vegas, Nevada

Isabel Martin
Isabel Martin

Isabel Martin
Hillsborough, Florida / Las Vegas, Nevada

With my high school graduation approaching, I tried to figure out how I could continue my volleyball career but also start working on my college degree. I noticed many girls my age planned on leaving Germany to play college volleyball in the United States and I became really interested.

I immediately reached out to Sandra, and we started the process of finding the perfect fit for me. Not once during this journey I felt alone or helpless, because I knew I could always reach out to Sandra, and she would help me find solutions.

When I first signed for the Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida, I was so excited to experience one or maybe two years in the US. The first couple of weeks were probably the hardest due to the culture shock, the different food, and definitely because of the language. Sandra and I picked a junior college on purpose because we both knew it would be easier on me because my English was not the best.

After my first two seasons playing junior college league, and after receiving multiple awards, I knew college volleyball wouldn’t end here.

COVID-19 hit, and it was the perfect time for me to drive all the way from Tampa, Florida to my new school in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I signed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My volleyball expectations were very high due to my successful freshman and sophomore years, but sadly I suffered injuries during my first weeks playing in Vegas and ended up redshirting my junior year. Which was one of the most difficult years mentally and physically on me.

With my redshirt junior year approaching, I was locked in like never before. I would go to sleep early, eat very healthy, and focus on getting quality reps every day. After another successful season with my team and being named MW conference player of the year, All-American, etc., I fell in love with college volleyball more and more.

Now I am at a point where I have two more years of eligibility due to covid and my redshirt year, and I will stay those two years here at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I am working on my Masters in Intercollegiate and professional sports management.

Looking back, I overcame many hard challenges during my college career but with the love and support surrounding me, I knew I would never have to deal with anything on my own and I am so thankful for Sandra and her team to make this journey the best experience for me.