Antje Buskies – Honolulu, Hawaii

Antje Buskies
Honolulu, Hawaii

Living in Paradise

It is hard to describe because I don’t know where to start. We should just start from the beginning.

I play Volleyball for several years now. I wanted to play Volleyball in a different country. That is the reason why I chose to come to the United States.

My parents and I were sitting for hours to find out what those people from the NCAA for example wanted from us. It was a hard time to figure out what was needed for the school, for NCAA, translations of certificates, doctor appointments etc. it was time consuming and expensive at the same time.

Coincidently I met Sandra; she made it to Hawaii a couple years ago. She told me she could help me out, organized and developed connections to the coach. That was the first step to begin my journey to Hawaii.

The big day came to get in the plane and fly to the other side of mother earth to start a new life in paradise.

It is the best student life I could ever imagine. Hawaii Pacific University, the college I go to, is a very international University. I met people from all over the world. Here you are able to meet different people and different cultures.

If you love to be outside, if you like to go hiking or surfing, this is the right spot to be!

If you are a social butterfly and outgoing, you will enjoy life in paradise.

This life in Hawaii is great, but nobody should think it is all about partying. There is school and other responsibilities like practice and studying.

It is hard work during season to combine school and practice, going on road trips and possibly working. It is hard work, but living here makes it much easier to get over the work and enjoy the islands.

In conclusion, I have to say, I love my life and I am very happy I made this step. My major in college is Travel Industry Management, and I think it is the best place in the world to study. It is a great opportunity for the future.

In the beginning it would be a great advantage if you have somebody who can help you out to organize and fill out the tons of paper work. Somebody who can tell you what you need and which tests you have to take, which certificates have to be translated, where to go to get a translation. These are all small things, but they have to be done and to find out what has to be done and how and where. This takes a lot of time and energy.

It is great to have somebody who can help you with that.

If you get offered an opportunity like this described, take it and don’t throw it away!